Our Clinic

Access Omnicare is a medical clinic specializing in providing workers and their employers with services that promote health and productivity. We serve a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, education, health-care, high-tech, bio-tech, and service industries including fire and safety, financial institutions, and food service providers.

Healthy businesses need healthy employees and both are critical to the physical and fiscal well-being of a community and its individual members. Selecting Access Omnicare as your occupational medicine provider for medical surveillance exams or the treatment of work-related injuries ensures your employees and business are getting the best medical care available in Silicon Valley.

Navigating the administratively complex world of Workers’ Compensation can be challenging for clinicians who do not specialize in the field of occupational medicine. Our team’s extensive experience in occupational medicine facilitates authorization of care to optimize recovery and minimize time lost from work. Our standardized processes supported by electronic medical record-keeping results in less administrative work for employee, employer, and carrier. Effective communication with each of these stakeholders increases transparency and minimizes unnecessary delays.

Our team is committed to providing medically appropriate and compassionate care to the injured worker with the expectation that both the employee and employer will do their best to support recovery and a return to full duty as soon as safely possible. Treatment decisions are based on a thorough history including mechanism of injury and prior health, a focused physical exam, and evidence-based medical literature.

In addition to treating injured workers we are committed to preventing illness, injury, and mishaps. Our clinical team is certified to perform  a variety of physical exams including post-offer exams for new hires, drug & alcohol testing, respirator clearances, audiograms, electrocardiograms, travel exams/vaccinations, and commercial driver exams. On-site we have a physical therapy and hand therapy department, digital x-ray, and an open MRI. A variety of surgical specialists work on site and are typically available to consult emergently on complex cases.