Our Partnership

At Access Omnicare we believe that the best possible results are achieved with teamwork. The patient, employer, adjuster, and our clinical and administrative staff must work towards the same goal – efficient and realistic recovery for the injured worker.

This teamwork depends on frequent and effective case management communication. Employers and adjusters know that our level of dedication to appropriate decision-making and our approachability set us apart from other medical providers.

Access Omnicare Providers

The providers at Access Omnicare always take a detailed history to determine causation. This includes understanding the purported mechanism of injury, the work environment, usual duties, and prior personal or occupational injuries and illnesses.

Communication is the cornerstone to efficient treatment and optimal outcomes. During the initial visit our assessment findings and recommendations are clearly communicated to the employee. During or shortly after the initial visit a phone call is made to the designated employer contact to discuss causation and, if determined to be occupational, the treatment plan. We also call the adjuster if they were the referring party.


Our providers understand that respectful treatment and clear communication with the worker results in greater satisfaction, improved coping and compliance, and ultimately the best medical and occupational outcome. Patients have confidence in our staff’s clinical and operational skills. This impression is reinforced by the professional appearance and therapeutic offerings of our state-of-the-art facility. Our message to injured workers: we are here to support your recovery by providing appropriate medical care and you will have the best outcome by actively participating and complying with treatment including therapy, home exercises and adhering to activity restrictions at home and work.


Employers are kept in the loop from the first visit until the employee is discharged from care. Our providers will call the employer after the first visit. On follow-up visits we contact employers to highlight significant changes in medical management and to problem-solve any barriers to a return to full duty and discharge from care. At Access Omnicare we welcome calls from employers to address questions about treatment or accommodating the injured worker. We know that the best outcomes result from a concerted effort between all stakeholders to address barriers to full physical and occupational recovery.

Insurance Carriers

At Access Omnicare we pride ourselves in communicating regularly with adjusters by consistently providing legible, computer-generated Doctors’ First Reports, Progress Reports, and Work Status Summaries. We understand the need to comply with regulatory processes and provide treatment in compliance with recognized standards of care so as to expedite the provision of appropriate care and successfully address circumstances that are interfering with progress and claim resolution.

We comply with California State law which dictates we must forward all Doctors’ First Report of Work Injury (DFR) including those for First-Aid only/ OSHA Non-recordable injuries to the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. However, we defer to the employer as to whether the bills for Non-Recordable treatment are sent directly to the employer or the carrier.